What is the ‘Four Elements to Create any Style’ Course?


I have written this course to explain, in-depth, each stage required to create absolutely any bridal style.  Do you know why a certain curl is created, when to use a smoothing cream, when to crimp, how hair should feel before you start creating a bridal style and why hair porosity makes a difference to your styling? 


Every little detail from preparing all types of hair (and the science behind it) to creating the perfect finish on all your creations is covered in meticulous detail.


This course isn’t just walking you through a handful of styles you watch someone create...this will teach you how to understand every style you are shown AND the reason why each step is done!


When I say it’s’s IN-DEPTH!!


Why go so far in to every detail? Simple...if you know WHY to do what you are doing, you know WHEN to do it!


How long does it take?


Just three weeks!


How much is it?


You must be a member of the Lisa Alger Academy to join and you can sign up for as little as £15!

When does it start?


22nd March...meaning we’ll be finished in time before we are allowed to work!


What makes this course different?

Don’t just learn a handful of styles...learn how to build EVERY style!

✔️ Finally have full understanding of how to prepare hair

✔️ In-depth understanding of products, tools and accessories

✔️ Master the fundamentals and essential techniques of every style

✔️ Understand how to deconstruct an image of a style, in order to recreate it

✔️ Achieving the perfect finish to all your styles


Over the three weeks I’ll host 2 live classes per week where you can ask me ANYTHING! I’ll cover the four elements, how to put these elements together to build a style, plus an exclusive, live tutorial!  And if you miss a live class then you can rewatch it at a convenient time and ask your own questions in the app!


All details will be shared with Academy members during the week before the course begins, both in the app and by email, so if you aren't a member already then sign up today to be a part of this essential course for any bridal stylist!


Can I still learn from the Academy whilst I wait for the start date?

100%! All fundamentals and essential components from the ‘4 Elements Course’ are covered in the Academy, so it will actually get you started on the right foot if you sign up today and begin watching the initially folders! You’ll start the course with a greater understanding of the foundation methods and techniques.  Plus you'll have access to up to 200 other tutorials!

The course will then go more in-depth to each step, plus as the classes are live you can ask absolutely any question, and watch an exclusive tutorial on how the steps are brought together to create a beautiful style. 


This is your chance to get in-depth training with me, the opportunity for me to explain every little detail and for you to finally be confident that you know how to correctly prepare hair plus know every step required to recreate absolutely any inspirational image you are shown by your brides and their bridesmaids!


The good thing’s not hard when you know how!