What is the ‘Four Elements to Create any Style’ Course?


I have written this course to explain, in-depth, each stage required to create absolutely any bridal style.  Do you know why a certain curl is created, how hair should feel before you start creating a bridal style and why hair porosity makes a difference to your styling? 


Every little detail from preparing all types of hair (and the science behind it) to creating the perfect finish on all your creations is covered in meticulous detail.


This course isn’t just walking you through a handful of styles you watch someone create...this will teach you how to understand every style you are shown AND the reason why each step is done!


When I say it’s’s IN-DEPTH!!


Why go so far in to every detail? Simple...if you know WHY to do what you are doing, you know WHEN to do it!


When does the course start and how long is it?


From Saturday 12th June 

You must make your way through, in your own time, the fundamentals, curling, plaits and buns folders in my Academy.  You must complete this before 28th June and the sooner you join the academy the longer you have to perfect each technique!


Saturday 19th June

Last date to join the 4 Elements course!!


Sunday 20th June

Live Welcome Webinar


Monday 28th June – Sunday 11th July 

All four elements are covered during live webinars throughout this two weeks and then it’s time to put all the knowledge in to practice by creating two styles of your choice. On completion you will earn your certificate and badge within my app.


What happens if you can’t watch live?


All live classes are saved in the Academy for you to watch anytime (whilst you remain a subscriber of the Lisa Alger Academy that is), and with a dedicated group for the 4 Elements course you can ask me any question you have!

How much is it?


You must be a member of the Lisa Alger Academy to join the ‘4 Elements’ course.  Click here to sign up today for just £15 per month!  There’s no contract and no minimum sign up period, meaning you can cancel whenever you like.


What makes this course different?

Don’t just learn a handful of styles...learn how to build EVERY style!

✔️ Finally have full understanding of how to prepare hair

✔️ In-depth understanding of products, tools and accessories

✔️ Master the fundamentals and essential techniques of every style

✔️ Understand how to deconstruct an image of a style, in order to recreate it

✔️ Achieve the perfect finish to all your styles


What else do I get with my £15 per month subscription?


​Over 200 tutorials covering half ups, low buns, high buns, mermaid plaits, halo braids, side styles, short hair styles and so much more!  Not only will you learn these styles but the fundamental techniques need to recreate them on any hair type, length, texture & porosity.

Certificated courses ranging from Bronze to Gold. Work at your own pace to create styles, receive custom feedback, and on completion, be invited to list your business on  You'll also be featured on the WHD Instagram account, plus featured on my Instagram too!

My popular Business Bootcamp course! After completing the Bootcamp, and implementing her new skills, Bootcamp member Ashleigh, grew her Instagram by a whopping 248%!  And Clare’s profile visits per week grew from an average of 52 to 267 profile visits per week in the first month! One Bootcamper had 0 weddings booked in before completing the Business Bootcamp, but after implementing the course she had 33 bookings for that year and 13 for the year after!

All previous challenges, such as 28 tutorials in 28 days, Back to Basics Bootcamp and Fabulous Fourteen, which all consist of live tutorials!

Exclusive access to my Podcast, where I offer all my knowledge and experience (launching June 2021)

Full support, from me and the 100s of amazing members, via the App.  The App was added to the Academy during 2020.  It is the community area of the Academy where life long friendships have been made (I'm not exaggerating!)

New tutorials!  I'm so committed to the Academy that I'm constantly filming, ensuring there is new content added to the Academy every single month!

What others have to say about the last 4 Elements course:


"I’ve been hairdressing for 15ish years now and some of those techniques I didn’t have a clue, so was super helpful to learn new ideas to make life easier!"


"Learning which product to use, why, how and when was so good as I had no idea what products did what. I can now use this knowledge to work out what a certain hair type needs to create a hair style that will last."



"I loved how easy it is to breakdown styles now. It makes so much sense now when looking at hairstyles and thinking what you needs to do to each section."



"There is so much to learn in the academy and you bring out new stuff all the time. I’m so happy with my membership as I feel I’m continuously learning and securing my techniques. I wouldn’t change a thing!"



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