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What is the Bridal Hair Bootcamp

Starts January 2022!

This 8 week online course will cover every aspect of bridal hair styling; from the very beginning of washing a dolls head to how to market your business and get more bookings!


Bite size videos and live tutorials, that you can watch live or in your own time, that you can fit in your busy schedule 


Including tutorials on 10 of the most requested bridal styles that you can master. Understanding how each style is created will help you develop your signature style, as well as build confidence in offering a variety of different styles to your clients.


For both beginners and established stylists

Whether you are thinking of becoming a bridal Hairstylist, a MUA wanting to add hair to your services, or a bridal stylist wanting to gain a better understanding of hair and running your business then this course is for you!


You will confidently be able to understand different hair types, rebuilding styles from inspiration images, work with short hair, long hair, adding extensions and having the answers to every stylists questions “what do I do if…”!

If you are already a member of the Lisa Alger Academy this course is included in your membership!  See the app to join the group chat

Last day to join is

31st December 2021!

What you'll need:

Mannequins & stand/clamp - I'll be using Kathrin from L'image. An affordable human haired training head, that has a realistic amount of hair to work with!  I'm not a fan of learning on dolls with lots and lots of hair, as it's not true to life!  Use LAAcademy for a 10% discount..

Products - as you'll learn in this course understanding products is ESSENTIAL to becoming a great bridal hairstylist. I'll be working with the full Stylr Pro range only during the course, to show that you don't need 100s of sprays to create different styles.  Plus they are non aerosol (kinder to our planet) and cruelty free! Use code LISA15 for 15% off!

Tools - I'll be using my go to Stylr Pro Straightener and Wand, along with their 3 brushes to create every look!  Use code LISA30 for 30% off Stylr Pro tools

Hair extensions - (optional) Working with a dolls head with thinner and shorter hair (that's more realistic) and learning to confidently work with hair extensions, to help our brides-to-be achieve their dream Pinterest looks, is what makes a successful bridal stylist! I'll be using these 16" clip in extensions from ClipHair. Use discount code LISA10 for 10% discount.

Other - The only other items you'll need are a crocodile or butterfly clip, Bobby pins, U pins and aluminium clips (I use Hair Tools and buy from Amazing), aluminium clips, clear elastics & a blonde hair donut (again from Amazon).

Please note: discount codes are applicable to UK purchases only.


What's covered?

Through both pre-recorded and live tutorials all the following is covered in the Bridal Hair Bootcamp


  • The absolute basics from sectioning, pinning, backcombing, working with extensions and padding to washing your dolls head.  Plus the fundamental skills of plaits, buns and curling, including knowing what tool to use and all the different curls that can be achieved.


  • Full understanding of hair types, textures and porosity, including videos of preparing the different hair types and what products to use and when.


  • The art of deconstructing any style, so you know how to recreate every image you are ever shown!  Including how to transition styles to offer more variety at trials.


  • Working with accessories, veils, fresh flowers, hats and fascinators


  • A dedicated live Q&A on ‘What do I do if’


  • Assessing and critiquing your own work to progress as a stylist, with a positive mindset

  • Plus...

10 ‘signature’ styles including Classic low bun, Big bridal bun, Half up with plaits, Classy ponytail, Boho low bun, Clean textured updo, Bridesmaid bun, Halo braid, Textured French twist and modern Hollywood Waves


As well as understanding all aspects of bridal hair styling, we will also covered running your bridal business, including:


  • Building your brand, so you attract the right clients and convert enquiries to bookings


  • Improve photography so we better showcase our work


  • Understanding marketing and social media to increase online presence, earn more money and get more bookings


  • Organising your correspondence, record keeping and contracts.  

  • As well as covering pricing, timings, social media, accounts, and so much more!

This course will cover it all!  You can follow along every step or pick and choose which classes you wish to take!  It's included in the monthly subscription, which during December is just £7.50 for your first two months!!

There's no contract, meaning you can cancel your subscription whenever you wish!


What others have to say about this course


"I’ve been hairdressing for 15ish years now and some of those techniques I didn’t have a clue, so was super helpful to learn new ideas to make life easier!"


"Learning which product to use, why, how and when was so good as I had no idea what products did what. I can now use this knowledge to work out what a certain hair type needs to create a hair style that will last."


"I loved how easy it is to breakdown styles now. It makes so much sense now when looking at hairstyles and thinking what you needs to do to each section."


"There is so much to learn in the academy and you bring out new stuff all the time. I’m so happy with my membership as I feel I’m continuously learning and securing my techniques. I wouldn’t change a thing!"