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As part of the Lisa Alger Academy you can work towards Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Certificates, which all come with their own benefits.  These are self paced courses, so you can complete in your own time.  


The Bridal Brilliance course however is designed for those that want to work to a schedule, be held accountable, and to receive live support over the 6 weeks.  


During the 6 week course 10 styles will be taught live so you are able to ask questions throughout the tutorial.  These tutorials will be saved so the group members can rewatch later that day.  


Being a Wedding Hairstylist isn’t just about styling hair though. So during this course we will also work on the business side of things too!  You will be set a task each week to work on and topics include improving your photography, growing your social media, planning and scheduling your marketing content, attracting more clients and running a trial and wedding morning.


On completion of the Bridal Brilliance course you will receive a certificate, over 40 images and videos for your social media (that’s enough to post every day for 6 weeks), you'll be invited to join the WHD, you'll have perfected 10 styles, gained knowledge on how to correctly prepare hair, in-depth product knowledge, improved your photography and social media skills, plus understand how to effectively market yourself and attract your ideal client!


This course is run only 2-3 times per year, as I teach every single tutorial live and give you my full attention to support you through the course.  You will be required to recreate two styles each week, plus complete tasks related to the business topic. On average this will take around 3-6 hours per week, and can be spread throughout the week or completed all on one day at the weekend.

It is called an intensive course for the very reason that it’s intensive. If you apply yourself for just six weeks, and ensure you make time to complete the tasks and styles each week, your future self will thank you!


You must be signed up for two months to complete this course. There is no contract, so you can cancel whenever you wish, however to access all live tutorials and classes you must remain an active member for two months. If payment fails to be processed then your access to the Academy and the App will expire and you will not complete the course. 



As the majority of this course is taught live it only runs 2-3 times per year. If you would like to be added to the waiting list to be notified of when the next course runs then please enter your email address below.


What if I want to learn now? Then good news, all information that's covered in the Bridal Brilliance is already covered in my Academy.  So simply click here to sign up today!  If you want to learn via live classes and be held accountable then enter your details below.



Before the Bridal Brilliance course starts you must watch the following tutorials in the Academy:


Hair Prep

Product Knowledge

Curling with a tong

Curling with a wand

Looped Bun

Knot bun

Rope braid

Fishtail braid


These tutorials are part of the 250+ tutorials you get immediate access to the moment you sign up.


Perfecting these techniques before the course begins is highly advisable to ensure you get the very most from Bridal Brilliance. The closing date for enrolment actually closes a week before the start date in order to allow time for members to perfect these techniques and watch the videos as many times as they wish.


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