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£15 per month - Monthly Academy Subscription

Get instant access to over 80 tutorials, including the fundamentals of styling to advanced styles.  These tutorials include my most requested styles, all live tutorials that have ever been recorded, guest tutorials, makeup tutorials and so much more!  Plus, each week, access to a new folder is unlocked and these folders contain at least one new tutorial, some weeks have three!

Perfect for beginner to intermediate stylists.


There’s no catches or contracts, you can cancel whenever you like!


£25 per month - Ultimate Membership

If like me you'd rather have access to everything immediately then the ultimate monthly membership is for you!  You won’t need to wait for the new folders to be released, you’ll have instant access to over 200 tutorials, webinars and resources straight away!

And because it's the Ultimate Membership, you’ll also get access to my Business Bootcamp course too!

I created the Business Bootcamp to help stylists build and grow their wedding hair business.  Realising that creating beautiful hairstyles is not the only skill you need to be a successful Wedding Hairstylist is a shock every single stylist has had!  I’ve read the books, taken the courses and made the mistakes so that you don’t have to! 

The Business Bootcamp covers:

  • How to create a rock solid brand

  • Optimising your website and social media

  • Improving your photography skills to better showcase your styles

  • Finding and working with models to build your portfolio

  • Streamline your business processes

  • Improve your accounts and admin systems

  • Understand pricing, T&Cs and contracts

  • Increase your social media presence

  • Create compelling content

  • Grow your business

  • Understand and implement marketing strategies

  • Set goals and learn how to achieve them

“Running your own business brings with it so many different roles and tasks to complete other than the practical hair part and could feel quite overwhelming at times. The bootcamp taught me how to break things down and organise myself so the jobs didn’t seem so big and things I’d been putting off as I wasn’t sure how to tackle, actually got done.”​ - Clare Louise

Again, there’s no catches or contracts, you can cancel whenever you like!

Perfect for beginner to established stylists who want to work on their styling and business at the same time!

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"There has been so much to look at and learn from, new techniques, styles, even amazing business ideas and structure. Lisa basically gives all of herself to you, how she teaches makes things doable. I'm a yearly member and I haven't regretted paying for this for one second. You won't be disappointed!"


"Joining the Lisa Alger Academy has absolutely, without doubt, been the best decision and investment I've made for my bridal hair business.
I previously did a masterclass day course elsewhere, and left feeling disappointed, deflated and with no confidence. So to find Lisa, it's restored my confidence, and I am totally obsessed with everything she offers! She does regular 'lives' which I love joining in with and runs fantastic competitions!"

Cream and Black Natural Makeup Beauty Lo

"I joined the academy about 8 months ago and it has been the best thing I have done to help me improve my hair styling!

I love the way Lisa teaches, she breaks it all down so I can grasp it.

Best £15 per month I could spend.

Thanks Lisa for investing your time and effort into the academy to help people like me take the next step in our career."