10 day Back to Basics Bootcamp

For the first ten days of February I’ll be holding a 10 day Back to Basics Bootcamp for all Academy members.

  • Do you feel your styling is stuck in a rut and you never seem to progress how you’d like?

  • Do you take a photo and struggle to see what exactly needs improving on your hairstyle?

  • Does hair seem to frizz the moment you touch it?

  • Are you getting frustrated that styles just don't seem to want to come together?

The 10 day Back to Basics Bootcamp will help all this and so much more 🙌🏻

Even as an established stylist it’s healthy to go back to the beginning and perfect your technique, and what better time to do so! You probably won’t even realise the bad habits you’ve developed!

Starting on Monday 1st Feb I’ll hold a live class for all Lisa Alger Academy Members, every other day. We’ll cover a classic style from start to finish, and really hone in on every little detail!

What styles are included?

All 5 styles will include the correct prep and products for different hair types, as well as achieving the perfect finish:

- Classic half up style – pinning, backcombing, creating perfect curls and waves

- Low looped bun with plait – the correct positions for low buns, anchors, working with padding and extensions, backcombing, pinning loops securely, expanding plaits and avoiding frizz and mess

- Hollywood Waves – All the different techniques to creating Hollywood waves and when to use each technique depending on your clients hair type and length

- High Bun – the different positions for high buns, anchors, working with padding and extensions, achieving the desired shape and knowing how to redeem the style when you feel the style isn't as you'd like

- Perfect ponytail – achieving a perky ponytail and adding detail to the style

How it works

Starting on Monday 1st February I’ll hold a live a tutorial at 6pm UK time, the class will be held via zoom and the link will be posted in the Academy’s forum. During the live tutorial you can ask as many questions as you wish, and I can repeat techniques if requested. Shortly after the live finishes the tutorial will be uploaded to the Academy, for those that missed the tutorial live, and for members to be able to be watch it as many times as you like.

Once you complete the style you can upload images of your work to the forum for feedback and advice.

What you’ll need

Mannequin – here are my recommendations

Butterfly or crocodile clips

Pronged comb

Paddle brush

Bobby pins and U pins - I use Hair Tools

Aluminium clips

Clear elastics

Hair Wrap

28mm or 32mm Hair Tong

Wide, shallow toothed crimpers (optional)


Hair donuts

Set of human hair extensions (optional, but recommended)

How to join

To join in simply sign up to a monthly, ultimate or yearly membership here. Choose the best plan for you and you’ll automatically be a part of the ’10 day Back to Basics Bootcamp’ course.

Your monthly subscription will also offer 100s of tutorials and your subscription will renew every month until you cancel, which can be whenever you wish.

You must sign up by Sunday 31st January to join the classes live!

Let's really put this unusual time to good use!

Lisa x

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