28 Tutorials in 28 Days challenge - Brides by Rose

During lockdown 2.0, back in November 2020, it was a real weird lockdown! Kids were at school, people were still working, but it just seemed hairdressers, and other personal care services, weren’t permitted to work!!

When the world went into lockdown in the Spring of 2020 I had started to give live tutorials on Instagram, and people seemed to enjoy them! So as soon as I heard that we were going into lockdown again later in that year I wanted to do something challenging that was, hopefully, helpful and enjoyable again!

As that lockdown was scheduled to last 4 weeks I had the crazy idea to do 28 tutorials in 28 days! In all honesty I wasn’t sure I had fully thought it through ha ha, and whether anyone actually wanted to watch me for 28 tutorials, but none the less, with everything I task myself with, I went in full guns blazing!

Well, the response was incredible. Many people dipped in and out and produced some of the styles and others completed the whole series! One of those stylists was the very talented Brides by Rose! I’m sure you’ll agree that Rose’s work is beautiful! Please head over to Rose’s Instagram to show some love for a very artistic stylist!

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