Back to Basics Bootcamp - Lauren Gent Hair & Makeup

February 2021 in the Lisa Alger Academy kicked off with the Back to Basics Bootcamp! This bootcamp was designed to take stylists back to some fundamental styles and really breakdown each step.

Since launching my Academy in 2018 I have loved seeing new stylists join the academy and really grow and improve their skills. With the addition of the community to the academy in April 2020 it’s been even easier for me to connect with members and watch them flourish.

One member who has really thrived since joining in May 2020 is the lovely Lauren Gent. Lauren is a very talented makeup artist who is now also a very talented hair stylist too!

Lauren embraced this challenge and produce some really beautiful work! Here are the beautiful creations from the Bootcamp that Lauren styled, plus if you head to her Instagram you’ll some of her more recent styles too!

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