Fabulous Fourteen Challenge

On Monday 22nd February we start our next Challenge in the Lisa Alger Academy!!

What is the Fabulous Fourteen Challenge?

This is a 3 week challenge (that will hopefully take us up to a time where we will be much closer to living a normal life). Once that happens, we want to spend our time working on real people and recreating the styles that we have learned to create on our dolls… but we also know that life after lockdown doesn’t leave us with as much time to style or create images to post on social media…So I want to help you utilise this time right now.

By styling for just a few hours a week, for the next 3 weeks, and following along with the challenge guidelines, you’ll have produced 56 images or videos to use on your social media…as well as learning 14 new styles!

3 tutorials will be added to the Academy every 5 days and 2 styles will be taught live! All three tutorials added to the Academy follow on from one another so you’ll only be prepping the hair once. You can choose to create all 3 styles on one day or spread it over the 5 days depending on your schedule and how you feel.

At the end of the challenge, I’ll hold a live tutorial on how to schedule your images, so they post to social media automatically.

The aim for this challenge is to remove the guilt of not styling as much as we'd like to and to take the pressure off when we return to a bit more normality. Then we can concentrate on booking models or working on friends to start using all the techniques that we’ve learned on our dolls on real people.

I’m excited for this challenge as all 14 styles are classic bridal styles that you will be asked for from brides, so perfecting each one and getting good images of them all will set you up well for future wedding seasons.

How to join the Challenge?

Simply sign up to the Lisa Alger Academy by clicking the below button! And if you sign up as an Ultimate Member before midday on Sunday 21st February 2021 you will get 50% off your first month!!

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