Recommended Dolls Heads

My absolute favourite training head is this Yiliusu one from Amazon. It sells out super quickly so be sure to keep checking on it's stock levels:

Click here

I've only just purchased the Luna doll from L'image and she seems easy to work with and washes well. The ends aren't great and she has loads of split ends, but that is similar to what we would normally work with!

Click here

My final recommendation is this brunette one. She's nowhere near as good as the others, but it's 100% human hair which is ultimately all we require!

Click here

Due to the current climate dolls heads are high in demand so if these are out of stock then I can only recommend searching for 100% human hair dolls head and adding clip in hair extensions if more hair or length is needed.

Final thought...please do not buy anything that contains goats hair!

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