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Hi my nickname & business name is Lily . I came to hairdressing late in life qualifying at the grand old age of 50, having always wanted to do it - I thought it’s now or never! I worked for a Salon for a short while & then set up my own business. I was previously a beautician & masseuse & single mother to my three beautiful kids twins Anastasia & Tom & my baby Kaitlin. All grown up now & flown the nest but we are very close & my girls my best friends. I am passionate about travel, good food & wine, anything arty & cut hair for the homeless on a voluntary basis.

Lockdown brought hairstyling to the fore for me, having always been scared of it I found I enjoyed doing (well most of the time - only stabbing a mannequin head with a pin tail comb on a few occasions!) & as an older stylist hope to specialise this in the future.

Wishing you all good luck on your long hairstyling journeys Lily xx

Hilary McGrellis

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