Thank you for signing up to be a part of my free course, PREP SET GROW.  


PREP SET GROW, free course, will provide an insight in to my 4 Elements course that starts straight after the free course!  The 4 Elements course goes in-depth into understanding what makes each client’s hair different, how to identify their hair type and what products are required to prepare and work with their hair.  Plus it covers how to deconstruct any style and determine what techniques have been used to recreate the style, as well as creating the perfect finish to any style and work confidently with accessories, veils and fresh flowers!  


It really is the ultimate course for anyone, from beginner to established hair stylists!  Click here to learn more about the 4 Elements Course.


* Sunday 5th September at 3pm BST - INSTAGRAM live explaining how to deconstruct the below style

* Monday 6th September at 7.30pm BST - INSTAGRAM live with model recreating the below style

* Tuesday 7th September at 7.30pm BST - INSTAGRAM live webinar covering starting or growing a bridal business, with live Q&A

* Friday 10th September 7pm - ZOOM live Welcome to 4 Elements course (must be an Academy member to join)

**All live courses will be saved if you can’t make them live.  Instagram Live’s will be saved to my IGTV for one week and all 4 Element lives will be saved to the 4 Elements folder in the Academy

On completion of the 4 Elements course Academy members will earn a certificate and be invited to list on Wedding Hair Directory


If you wish to complete the 4 Elements course then you must be a member of the Lisa Alger Academy by Friday 10th September.  You can learn more about the 4 Elements course and sign up using the below link!  It’s just £15 per month, plus you get access to over 200 bridal hair tutorials too!


Be sure to add the above dates to your diaries and join me on Instagram to watch the live tutorials and ask any questions you have!


Here's what @hairby.kirstyj has to say about the 4 Elements Course:

"The whole course is great. Firstly the prep, especially how to identify the porosity of the hair. What type of hair needs what products etc. I'm a hairdresser & know about the structure etc but found you broke it all down brilliantly particularly for those who only style hair. 


I've taken on the 4 sections and working out how to identify where I need to start. I previously would always start at the back and work forward then get muddled and have to take out & restart but now I plan out the sectioning. 


Biggest thing i think I've taken from the course is finishing. Using a liquid spray !!!! Game changer. Also how to properly insert a veil, tiara etc"